Breaking the Amethyst: A Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 9 - A Side of Eggs

Into the Nest

After tending to their wounds in the shrine of Tiamat, Hemlock, Fafnir, and Sariel raided the small chest under the bas-relief and prepared to go further into the cavern.  Taking the pathway down and to the right, the group walked into a rather large chamber where, at the edge of her vision, Sariel spied what appeared to be three large eggs in a lower end of the cavern.  There was a stairway down that was covered in a cage-like structure, and the team thought unlocking it and using the stairway to be the best option.

But from the darkness came a series of whistling sounds.  First, a pot smashed at the feet of the heroes, covering their feet and legs with glue and sticking them to the floor.  Then, two more small pots exploded, erupting in flames around them.  As the kobolds who threw them charged, Frulam Mondath stepped forward, guiding the attack.  It was a knockdown, dragout battle with the party barely hanging on for life.  However, the kobolds were slain and Frulam was taken prisoner, having been knocked unconscious.

As Hemlock focused on the body of Frulam (tying her up, checking pockets, etc.), Sariel slid down the embankment and moved toward the eggs.  However, in her haste, she missed the two guard drakes that were protecting the eggs.  Through a quick use of the Fly spell, Fafnir was able to get Sariel off the ground, where she and the party were able to take out the two drakes, leaving the eggs completely unprotected.  It was a messy job, but Sariel managed to destroy the three black dragon eggs.  Her exit, however, was thwarted by a grasping tentacle – in the corner of the room, lying in wait, was a roper.  Beaten and battered from the previous melees, Sariel was near death's door when suddenly the roper was turned into an octopus.  Fafnir, concentrating hard on Polymorph, shouted, "Run!  I've got him down!"

As the group escaped back into the Tiamat shrine, Sariel decided to snag the beautiful chest that was previously looted.  However, in her haste, she sprung the trap on the chest, releasing acid and acid mist into the space.  While the party survived, they realized Frulam, in her unconscious state, had been slain by the sprung trap.  

What else waits in the cavern?  Where has the Cult gone?  Can the party survive?  THis and more, next time!

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